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Back Porch Pilgrims


You would be hard pressed to find a more mis-matched pair of musicians to be playing in a band together, but somehow the differences work to the advantage of Ken Tucker and Josh Hammond, collectively known as BACKPORCH PILGRIMS. Ken has a 25 year history in Christian Rock and Blues where Joshua finds his roots in Americana and Classic Country (i.e. Hank Williams, Sr., Townes VanZant, The Carter Family, etc...) Ken has performed with many groups and was a guitarist for the legendary Christian performer, Larry Norman, as well as sharing the stage with original Black Oak Arkansas guitarist, Harvey "Burley" Jett. Josh is a harmonica wizard and can make his harp sing, cry, laugh, and scream. They combine folk, blues, Americana, rock, and anything else they can dig up to create more than sound, more than words and music, but atmosphere, mood, and a living, breathing event. In spite of being a duo, they combine their 2 guitars, one harmonica and two voices to make something bigger than the sum of it's parts. With a national release on Flat Rock Records coming out in April/May '05 and a new booking agency, (The Covenant Artist Agency who also books Sonicflood) their musical future looks bright. It just goes to show you what two men who love to play and write great music, and who love God, can do when they live by faith and play their songs with all they are. BACKPORCH PILGRIMS, two guys that you need to hear, because you'll want to hear them again and again.

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